Manifesto for ‘ idea culture’: creating creative dialogue

The phenomenon of expression is an essential part of the life of every mind, not just artists alone. The contemplation of art and creative expression is one of the few subject areas where the individual is asked in earnest “what is true for me?” The viewer is no longer passive when deliberating this question, but instead becomes an active participant. While this is in concept an internal dialogue, it is a universal philosophical topic. We need to reverse a prevalent notion that ‘creativity’ is what ‘other’ people do. This marginalizes a vital aspect of what it means to live life fully.

Here is a truth Enrico Cullen wrote for the site that really clicks: We are convinced that media is changing from televised monologues to internet-driven dialogues. These new distribution channels open opportunities to build online communities which could not exist before.

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  1. On having ideas: My ex-CEO boss at Ogilvy Mather to an employee who said ” I don’t have any ideas any more.”

    His reply, “you don’t run out of ideas, you run out of enthusiasm.”

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