Video: Jacqueline Burgess, Dance Teacher


Jacqueline Burgess from Oakland, California has been teaching jazz dance to the Gauchos of El Cerrito High School for 34 years. How this nurtures the students is so important because of the dedication and familial respect they practice here. She fosters a safe space for these teenagers to discover their own potential and to take their dance to challenging and beautiful places.

Her perfectionism is legendary, and yet what she finds the most important is not about perfect technique but that the students give it their all.

This interview was published on issue #6 the Muse DVD periodical, which is the source material for idea culture. All the original finished interviews for the Muse are approximately 10 minutes, but they are shortened here on idea culture for a quickie insighting snapshot.

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  1. Hi Ms. Burgess! I’m Cemiah’s little sister. I’ve been wanting to go to El Cerrito High to be in Dance Production, I have much experience in dancing. I heard that you’re one heck of a teahcer! I can’t wait.

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