Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a methodology with a fresh, effective, rational, even elegant approach to the creative process. John Stoddard, from the design firm, IDEO, which has pioneered such ways of working, refers to concepting under professional time constraints this way:  ‘We’ve devised ways of  enticing the Muse and making her want to play with us’.

Design thinking is a creative process based around the “building up” of ideas. There are no judgments early on in design thinking. This eliminates the fear of failure and encourages maximum input and participation in the ideation and prototype phases.

In the week or so since my last posting, I’ve been chewing on how and where the methods are changing in how we get our daily information and interaction. I am like the moth to the flame when I read these daunting and yet enticing terms: Usability, Human Factors, Interface Design.

Here is an excerpt from from a Graduate Program description at Stanford University: “The face of education is changing.

 New technologies have catalyzed an evolution in learning. To an unprecedented degree, our schools, governments, and corporations are looking to emergent technologies to enhance learning environments and improve outcomes. To succeed, these efforts must be guided by empirically grounded education design theory and principles…. Students learn the knowledge and skills necessary for developing new and better technology-based products, settings, and social arrangements for learning.
Wow. I’ll have what they’re having!

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