Giving gifts on your birthday.

I made a new friend on her birthday and she gave me and the many other guests an awesome letterpress art piece that she made for the occasion of her 25th. She also gifted many other door prizes.

Her name is Lauren and she seems to have made a habit of being generous and giving. Her blog site, a quickening force, is a smattering of many more offerings. Please go ahead and clickenzee l’image here which will take you to her blog. There you will find translations of the many words you see here in blue. Words which we don’t have in english and have to be explained otherwise.

I have a phrase without an equivalent in english which I must add: in francois, L’esprit de l’escalier means literally The spirit of the staircase. This is a witticism you think of only after the fact, a comeback that comes too late.

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