Right Brain Diversionary Fun

So many of you enjoyed my post with the interactive spheres dividing like amoeba: ‘Put it in neutral, Let it ride’. Okay, you like? Here are some more interactive ‘toys’ (as they are called at zefrank.com). Click on the above image and the two below, and you will encounter some fun stuff. There are a great amount of interactive, creative doodle-y things like a ‘scribble’ doohickey I used to make the above image of the idea culture logo.

This is all to further make my point about brainstorming. I suggest these to you as exercises in synchronizing left and right brain activities, to be more effective while in idea generation mode. For example, your mind wanders while you are soaping up in the shower. It’s most likely at such a time when it hits you just what Einstein was overlooking in his theorem.

Most think artists are right-brained, but this isn’t always the case. An artist might plot out their work long before picking up a tool, which shows left-brained planning.Whole-brain intelligence is a good thing, nurturing creativity, harmony and well-being.

Click on these other favorites from the ‘toy’ section of zefrank.com:

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