Video: A musing from an ad guy


While contemplating art or expressing yourself creatively, it’s the only time you can really say “what is true for ME?” And this isn’t any passive question. you become fully engaged in this moment in time. You get to be here now. But instead we spend the majority of our waking life regretting the last thing and savoring the next. Or we have trouble ‘getting to that place’ and being in the moment because we are seduced by the tools themselves, distracted by pretty things and not finding substance.

Immersing myself in the digital realm certainly changes the game.
Recently I had the idea I might open a movie theater in ‘Second Life’ in order to screen ‘the Muse’. I created my Avatar and learned to walk and sit down, and met many other people. In real time. I say ‘real time’ tongue in cheek, because in this instance, what IS real?
I was invited to go dancing. What? Think about it. Watching yourself dance online. You purchase and ‘wear’ dance moves.And yet in ‘real life’, as people refer to it ‘in here’, you are sitting at a desk. As part of a community. MMM, kinda
How about this? A digital system by Rationalcraft can literally change your outlook.
A tracking device follows your movements and views of the golden gate feel genuine.
This certainly takes you to another place. I like this, it’s evocative. I think the Muse would like this.
It’s so difficult for most of us to allow ourselves the creative moment. To invite the Muse in.
Are we afraid we’ll ‘lose ourselves?’ That is both a threat and a promise, isn’t it?
Ahh, transcending time and place. Ironically, this is when we feel the most immediate, the most alive. How do we get to that place? By transcending place.
Turn off your inner critic, don’t sweat it. Just do it. This is where true meaning bubbles up, where the invisible becomes visible.

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