Are you at the helm or running around the ship?

The following was sent to me from Charlie Gilkey as a newsletter for his site Productive Flourishing. This sentiment is not on the site itself, just shared via e-mail. I suggest you sign up like I did so you don’t miss anything. His site is full of many insightful posts. Actually, try his ‘new here? page first, it breaks topics down well, like a concierge directing you around his site.

Okay, enjoy this:

Hi Wallace,
When things get a bit overwhelming, busy, or a hair too crazy, it’s easy to spend a lot of time, energy, and attention worrying about the situation rather then doing something about it. What inevitably happens, though, is that as soon as we get around to addressing the situation, we either fix the problem, it fixes itself, or we recognize that it was never really a problem in the first place.
And here’s the irony: we often spend more time, energy, and attention on worrying about the situation than we do on addressing the situation because we don’t recognize that actively avoiding it is still actively working on it.
What I’d like you to do is to take one thing you’ve been worrying or thinking about and see what you need to work through it.
Is it that you need…
  • clarity around what to do?
  • to connect with the reason why it’s important?
  • more specific bits of information to make a decision about it?
  • some focused time to work through it?
  • the permission to let it go?
Rather than running around the ship worrying about what will happen, grab the helm and get it through the storm.
p.s. It’s okay to run around the ship for a bit, just as it’s okay to let it coast. The point is to know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.
Isn’t this great writing? My thanks to you Charlie. Here’s his site again: Productive Flourishing.

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