Video: Stay Engaged

Editor: Every now and again, I myownself ends up in from of the camera, but I think this project is at it’s best when someone else, a kindered spirit, shares a sentiment that resonates and I can pass it along. The more voices included, the better and we can often hear our own thoughts amongst them. But still, there are those times when I’m compelled to sit down, stare into the camera and just say it!

Voiceover: Here I am in the opening to issue #3 of the Muse DVD publication two years ago. The Muse is the source material for this idea culture site and the 40 or so remarkable interviews published so far will ultimately end up online. Until then this blog begins the rapport. I got out of the habit since then of having myself on camera, but it is nice to establish who the heck is creating this idea culture venture. People told me to stop wearing the tie, but I like the respect it gave the subject.

As the editor of ‘the Muse’, it’s my intention to seek out conversations with people about the creative process as it is experienced by the people I meet. Yet inevitably I am going to run across my own experiences with the creative spark, which sounds obvious, but is somehow is unexpected as I turn my focus outwards.

Recently during a trip to the southwest, I experienced what I can only describe as a rash of coincidences which compelled me to write down the following thoughts in my journal, and I quote (myself):

I open a book of poetry and the poem on the page I read is so poignant to the group I am sitting with that I have to laugh. As I am in my workspace editing to gather images, they fall together in such a remarkable and satisfactory way, that it seems certain this is beyond my ability to plan. The joy that is fueled by this serendipity has me feeling thankful to some outside source, like a muse is casting a wand with a positive spell on my process. Are these validations telling me I am on the right path? Sometimes I feel like snapping “Okay, okay! I get it! I’ll never doubt you again!”

I have lived in different cities around this country and I know that this thinking may be considered a left coast tendency on my part. Certainly I cannot leave everything I do up to some outside fate if I am to keep my head about me. But I still teeter between such perspectives. Yet whether the lightening strike of inspiration comes from somewhere out of the ether or the diligence of showing up at the workbench day after day, I know that there are so many opportunities lying in wait on many levels if I stay engaged to the creative work and I know I have to keep after these good things.

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  1. Wally, I think the blog is fabulous!!! I am so glad to receive it as I am “living” in a small town in Arkansas right now. I still have my place in SC. I miss seeing your Mother… please say hello to her for me!! I will be out there mid January and hope to catch up with both of you. Thank you for all the research you do and share on creativity. …. jane ann