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On NPR yesterday I heard (out if the corner of my ear, so I apologize for not being able to share the source) someone say that in the 70’s, the big technological change was our phones changing from rotary dial to punch. Today,… changes? You want changes? Just look at the last 5 years!

Blogs, podcasts, social networks, mobile, games, search, wikis, and much more.
This ‘came across my desk’, and here I can cite the source, an article by Brian Reich for the ‘’ site:
The public is more engaged than ever before, more capable of collecting and sharing information with a wider audience – for free – than at any point in our history. This drives greater interest in media and art and the creation of a more diverse and interesting culture.
This isn’t simply about having more people sharing stories, showing off their talent, or building a following because the barriers to entry are lower…the institutional structures that once controlled everything are breaking down. The impact of technology and the internet on media and arts is profound. This is the beginning of a shift that will redefine every aspect of our culture and our society.
….we spend too much time trying to contain arts and culture, to define it and channel it. Instead, we should be looking to support and enhance it, to create more and better media and art.

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