Video: Trunk show

Elephants are known to naturally doodle on the ground with sticks and pebbles.

At an elephant sanctuary in Thailand, and in Bali, India and Cambodia, inspired pachaderms create abstract works, still lifes and even portraits.

Elephant genres, who would have thought? Are you really going to question that individual elephants have their own unique styles?

Like us humans, it seems they can’t help it, it just comes out like a gravitational, pulling force which takes a hold and like, if you are being mugged, you don’t ask a lot of questions.

When the piece is done, they can’t be coerced to make another stroke. ere is one of the more free elephant artists I’ve seen. you know she gets paid peanuts. but if it were up to me i would introduce her to the Louvre and then take her to the Mediterranean, for the light. 

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