Video: Bench Music

Lately I’ve been thinking about rejuvenation.

Like, how do you recharge your batteries? 

The last time I was out visiting my Mom, I noticed something: The first thing my mother does when she walks in the studio is turn the music on. Usually some good jazz or piano.

My Uncle Bill, a painter called it ‘bench music’. It energizes you as you pull the stool up to whatever it is you are digging in to. I never remember how important it is to re-fuel the tank.

Years back this very same mom was on a flight sitting next to what turned out to be Mickey Hart of the Grateful Dead. He said he rejuvenates by visiting museums.

For me, I have to remember to turn on the music. Recognize that the creativity tank needs fuel from the outside. Creative insight doesn’t come in a vacuum. It may come when you don’t expect it. But it doesn’t come in a vacuum.

Often we expect it should. That if you’re really talented, the big, good stuff just appears.

Creative energy expends as well nurtures the soul.

You’ve got to honor your creative juices with some intention.

A shout out to my good bud, Tom Hiel. He’s a professional composer. Judging from his instagram images, he is obviously an epicurean, and he loves biking. I think for Tom it is ‘Nature in – Music out’ 

So what do you intentionally seek out to recharge your batteries?

Being in nature? Family and friends?

Do yourself the favor, mindfully and with intention, see out something that will fill your tank.

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