Video: Adversity elicits talents which lay unused in prosperity.

Economic downward spiral. Right at the time some very creative financial titans have made-off, and that’s a bad thing. I heard Chuck Close the painter say something interesting recently, “An artist will lose everything and still go right back into the studio and get to work, contrast that with the fact that nobody at Bear Stearns offered to go in and work a year for free to keep their company going.” Is that a cheap shot? We need to see creative passion infiltrate our financial districts. Industry is what is going to carry us out of this mess and we need our corporations to get all Van Gogh on the bottom line. I wanna see more pliable, organic thinking middle managers free associate with some dry erase markers!

With this economic strain comes a sobering reality check on what is meaningful. Communities often commission public art to reflect what’s eating at them. The WPA of the depression era, the Works Progress Administration, left behind an incredible legacy of over 5,000 jobs created for artists who produced over 225,000 works of art for the American people. This seems like a foreign idea in our present times. I hope I’m wrong. During your next visit to your downtown post office, look at the murals, they carry themes of hope from a time in our country’s history when dreams weren’t allowed to be quashed by economic disaster.
Adversity elicits talents which lay unused in prosperity. You are are whittled down to your unique strengths, reduced to your fighting weight. So friends, investors, Git out there and help where you can,.. activate the creative mind!

~ Prosperity discovers vice, adversity discovers virtue. ~ Francis Bacon

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