Down to the essentials. Using your hands.

IMG_5958Profound words to share with you all? How about pics worth 1,000 words, instead? Sometimes you gotta get out of your head and get the dopamine going by using your hands. This leads to serotonin, BTW, which I am experiencing by sharing what I made. Here are a console for the car and a workbench for new projects.

The console in my convertible was plastic and uninspired. Only one cupholder and not good for sharing. I built out of wood a new one with memory foam cusion arm rests. The fabric is from an old shop apron I have treasured. The pockets are right there on the top of the cushions. That is a protein drink in the holder, for you nosy types.

Then there is the work table I created out of anything I could get from Home depot that I could assemble into something that resembles an arts & crafts side table. In my smallish apartment, I need a place on which to create the next thing without taking over the room. Notice it is set up with shelves for a left hander like me. This is a picture of the last gluing and sanding before the last stain is applied.

Part of the creative process is showing the world. Have a look.

IMG_5957 IMG_5810 IMG_5809

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