Wallace Boss, ad guy, loves the creative life. But the creative process isn’t so easy to wrestle to the ground. He created idea culture and it’s initial source project The Muse, as a release valve to open up dialogue with kindred folks about how empowering, exhausting, life-affirming, intimidating and collaborative the creative process can be. He has been an advertising Art Director on Madison Avenue, the northwest, the midwest, the sierra and the nations capitol.

Wallace initially began producing the The Muse in 2005, as a DVD periodical (new media, anyone?), ending up with 45 engaging interviews with poets, actors, philosophers, educators as well as painters, glassblowers, ceramists and the like. He has filmed in Wyoming, Santa Fe, Minnesota, New York City, Wichita, Princeton, New Orleans and California. The interviews are relaxed, one-on-one and quite spontaneous.

This ideaculture blog has since become a natural extension of that and is a more accessible and spontaneous route to your desktop, laptop or mobile thingy.

Enjoy the ride!

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  1. Hi Wallace,
    I appreciated your recent post and love the bi-monthly DVD that you are doing. I would love to show clips in workshops and trainings and tell clients about it. Come visit me when you get a chance. I’m a creativity coach, professor, and write a blog, ‘The Practice of Creativity’: http://micheleberger.wordpress.com/

    Michele Tracy Berger

    • Wow, I’ve been in existence for an hour now, and already the conversation starts! I look forward to a little reciprocity here. More to come from me and I will visit your site. Thank you very much!

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