ideaculture is dedicated to sharing motivation, tips and resources for activating your creative mind. This is my first passion and the reason that I started this site.

The FTC has ruled that bloggers be specific about how we are compensated for material that appears on our sites.

Here is the way that I do things on this site:

  • I make no income from anything linked or published on this blog.
  • The core content on ideaculture is original stuff that I write or have filmed myself. I explicitly mention the source when referring to someone elses’ contribution. I am a monster about that. I always clearly indicate when someone else is providing the content of an article.
  • I offer all the articles on this site to you for free.  It doesn’t cost you a thing to read my articles.  Also, it never costs you a penny to click on any link on my site.
  • I do not accept compensation to post specific articles on my site or to offer a specific opinion. The links I include in the content of the articles are there because I think they corroborate, enhance or otherwise support my point.
  • A few of the links in my content lead you to blogs with commerce capabilities, i.e. sales by ‘coaches’ or publications. Bless them and bless you if you give them business. That’s up to you peoples.

If you ever have any questions about this disclosure statement or about any of the content or links, please feel free to contact me for answers.

Thank you for visiting my blog and for reading my disclosure statement.  I value your readership and trust! Now get out there and let’s win this thing!

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