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Collection of interviewees. Insights from Warren MacKenzie, Kathleen Crocetti, Robert Margolis,  Charlie & Maria Girsch, Walter Martinez, John Stoddard, Karen Theusen Massaro, Brian Miller, Patrick Merrill, Mary Alice Copp, Felipe Ortega, Michael Leeds, Jen Sincero and Barrington McLean. These interviews were published on the Muse DVD periodical, which is the source material for idea culture. All the original finished interviews for the Muse are approximately 10 minutes, but many here on idea culture are shortened as a quick snapshot.

Anyone who has spent time with Warren MacKenzie, reknowned potter and Professor Emeritus of the University of Minnesota, is witness to a gracious and eloquent man.
He has a remarkable perspective on the growth of American functional pottery and a far-reaching impact on its reawakening since the early 1950’s. I spoke with him at his potters wheel in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Mary Alice Copp says that painting someone’s image requires a “partnership of trust” that is not necessary in painting still-life subjects or landscapes. “No one will question how many branches a tree has, but entrusting an artist with one’s image is quite another story.”
Her work is included in many significant private and corporate collections.
This interview was created for the Muse DVD periodical in ’09. All the original finished interviews for the Muse are approximately 10 minutes, and here you get the full length.

What a pleasure to sit down and talk with Barrington McLean, who is certainly an artist’s artist. Besides being a master sculptor and mold maker, he is a musician, inventor, painter, printmaker, woodcarver, teacher, and on.

From his early indoctrination as a 5-year-old amongst the Carnivale mask-makers in Panama through his remarkable arts education and up to today in Santa Cruz, California, his perspective of being true to the creative voice is evident in this conversation with him.

This is from my original interview with Jen Sincero, presented here on idea culture for your enjoyment. Jen, an ex-New Yorker now living in Venice Beach, Ca. is a sex advice columnist,  novelist, motivational cattleprod and ex-punk band musician. That’s her voice and guitar in the background. Have a look at: here is her blog on my fave blogspot, Huffington Post:

Jacqueline Burgess from Oakland, California has been teaching jazz dance to the Gauchos of El Cerrito High School for 34 years. How this nurtures the students is so important because of the dedication and familial respect they practice here. She fosters a safe space for these teenagers to discover their own potential and to take their dance to challenging and beautiful places.Her perfectionism is legendary, and yet what she finds the most important is not about perfect technique but that the students give it their all.

Michael Leeds creates obscenely large mega-modified autos and truces receiving prestigious design awards. He has spent five decades in stained glass and graphic design, as well.

Karen Theusen Massaro is a renowned ceramic sculptor and curator. She believes ‘inspiration’ is due to artists’ need to be ever producing things and successes are chosen from the many trials and errors.

Professor Maxine Greene (Emerita) Columbia University, New York City. The forthright views found in her lectures and numerous books made her an instrumental thinker in the field of educational philosophy.

Kathleen Crocetti‘s work involves numerous interactive public installations with affirming messages. She is a dedicated teacher who was named an art teacher of the year in 2005 by the California Art Education Association.

Robert Margolis is an actor, director and writer from New York City. We spoke in his Chelsea apartment about the creative process behind a much awarded film he made with Frank Matter, ‘The Definition of Insanity.’ Robert also plays the lead character.

Felipe Ortega from New Mexico is of Jicarilla Apache descent. He is credited by many with reviving the art of the Apache clay pot, made from micaceous clay that is dug from ancient clay pits his ancestors began working over 400 years ago.

Alan Masaoka has thrived as a glass artist in Carmel Valley, California for over 40 years, now, owing to his creative and thoughtful demeanor. I spoke with Alan in the midst of the ‘Burning Man’ festival in the arid Black Rock Deesrt of Nevada.


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